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Speak English Fluently !

 Speak English Fluently !

Speaking English fluently and easily in most of the time is very hard and tough for many learners of English. If you  live in a non English-speaking country, you have to find other ways and sources in order to practice and  to speak English daily. English like other language is a living thing; you need to use it , in order to acquire it . 
Below you will find some steps that will help you to speak English fluently:

1- Set your target . for example Plan to take  TOEFL exam in five-month , or  challenge your friends at English-speech contest. When you have a target or a goal, you are aware of  what you need and what it requires to succeeded  .

2- Immerse yourself in English learning . You cannot only focus on speaking ability.but you have to improve also your Reading, listening, and writing skills. You can use  an English-English dictionary. Listen to  English Podcast everyday, or read newspapers and magazines, watch English news . Watch films with English subtitles, memorize useful phrases and repeat them.

3- Find English talking possibilities. Move to an English-speaking Country. If that is impossible, go an English- talking country regularly, go to the air port or help  English-speaking tourists. Attend standard English courses or even sign up for the English-speaking online community or even team. or at least  talk to yourself in English while taking  a shower .

4- Get English-speaking friends. use internet to get friends around the world who have the same interests and hobbies as you have . For example, if you like reading, study all reading-related words and find a reading online English-speaking community. It is easier to communicate with people around the world by using internet. Exchanging languages is a great way to learn English, too. 

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