jeudi 31 octobre 2013

4 Essential Tips For New Students At The University !

As a new student at the university , many students adopt the new system of studying and new life at University easily and other in some case drop out of school.
University Day, 1911
University Day, 1911 (Photo credit: jjorogen)
And today , you will learn of 4 essential guidelines which will  Facilitate your first days at university:
1.    Attendance.   
 Attend your sessions  routinely  and benefit as much as you can from the lessons transported to you by your teachers. 

2.    Books
During university life Make books your best friends ,  buy them on rent. When it is too expensive, you could borrow it from a friend and get its text photocopied. :)

3.    Saying ‘No’
Learn Never say ‘Yes’ when the situation demands you to say ‘No’.Sometimes you need not join your friends in all their activities. be Wise 

4- And finally learn how Manage your finances wisely  
Think 100 times before you spend a pinny , Your college days could really become the halcyon days of your youth if you spend them wisely.

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