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How to Sound Polite In English ??

How to Sound Polite In English ??

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Which one do I use?

Sorry / I'm so sorry
Excuse me
Pardon me
Forgive me
I would like to apologise...
I'm afraid...

You have bumped into someone in the street, it was your fault.
- I'm SO sorry, are you ok?

You need to get through the crowd, NOW!!!
- Excuse me, excuse me please... coming through....

A fart or burp!!!!
- Pardon me!!!!
The only other time we use 'pardon' is if we have been offended BY someone.
then we say...."I beg your pardon!?...." it means WHAT did you say??!
eg "Who's that fat lady over there?"
"I beg your pardon!?? That fat lady is my wife!!"

"Forgive me" is only used when you have done something pretty bad, like cheated on our wife or husband, or killed someone!
- "I've been so stupid, forgive me!"

Messing up at work.
- "I would like to apologise for my error"

When you are unable to do something.
- Would you like to come to dinner on Saturday?
- I'm afraid I already have plans, or I'm sorry I can't make it.

"I'm afraid" expresses REGRET, it also has another meaning "I'm scared".
eg "I'm afraid I can't do that".

or "I'm afraid of lightening".
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