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How To Learn English Like a Child ?

How To Learn English Like a Child ?

English: child
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Today's lesson is a little bit different, its a secret from an English native speaker and teacher, she helped and guide me. and I'm going to quote her secret on How to learn English ?
My friend Natalie once wrote that :

No, really! I mean it! I'll let you in on a secret - I HATE GRAMMAR! It is so boring.

You need to stop thinking about what you are saying, stop formulating the correct sentence structure in your head, and just absorb the natural rhythm to phrases.

This can be achieved by listening to conversations over and over again without actually participating, just LISTENING.

How do children learn to speak their native language? For the first 12-18 months of their lives, they just LISTEN.

Maybe you don't have an English speaking mother talking at you over and over again, so you can listen by getting yourself some audio tapes. MAKE SURE THEY ARE NATURAL CONVERSATIONS ABOUT SOMETHING YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED IN. Put them on your phone or IPOD and when you are waiting for something, listen to English. While you are waiting for the bus, the train, while you are on the train, while you are waiting for your dinner to cook, put your headset on at lunchbreak at work, (you can ignore all your annoying colleagues - just put your headset on and close your eyes!).

Get yourself some audio files that you understand 90% of and can guess the rest. Listen to them over and over. When you feel confident with this material, move the level up a bit. Repeat. You'll be amazed at how just listening will filter through to your conversation, and you will feel more confident too!

Be kind to yourself, always have a picture of yourself speaking English confidently and clearly in your head. It will come! better for it to come naturally rather than squeezed out of a grammar book."
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