vendredi 21 février 2014

Learn English Fast!!!

6 key tips to Learn English Fast

In general Learning languages is a difficult task, just in the beginning which is normal. todays lessons is about how to learn English fast .  below is a list of instructions that will help you . 



  • 1
    Learn the English alphabet. Ask a friend to help you write the letters of the English alphabet on index cards. You should write a letter on each card. Practice the letters by mixing up the cards and saying the letters. You can ask your friend to help you pronounce the letters and quiz you on your knowledge.
  • 2
    Use videos to learn English. You can learn English for free by watching instructional videos on YouTube. The instructional videos have lessons for beginners to advanced learners. See the Resources below for video suggestions.
  • 3
    Make your own videos in English. If you have a video camera, you can tape yourself speaking English and practice along with your own video. You can make a play in which you and a friend are having a simple conversation in English. Watch your videos daily, and repeat what is being said.
  • 4
    Get a private tutor. A professional English instructor can give you one-on-one instruction that will help you understand the rules of English. Your instructor can teach you how to write and speak English. You can find an English tutor by placing an advertisement in your local newspaper. You can also inquire at your local community college.

  • 5

    Watch movies with English subtitles. When watching a movie in your native language, use the English subtitles so you will understand the connection between your language and English.
  • 6
    Use every opportunity to speak English. You will make mistakes, and that is OK. You need to practice English as much as possible in order to quickly learn to speak the language fluently.


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